Each person’s retirement
is unique

Each person’s retirement is a unique mix of elements (Work? Study? Travel? Volunteering?) We have so many options in front of us, as well as the predictable changes and challenges that will come with this leg of our journey.


It can all seem a bit overwhelming, unless we have a clear personal sense of direction. Getting in touch with what’s most important to you, what you most long for in your life, can give you that clarity and be your guide.


Let’s work together (link to Let’s get Started page) to chart your unique retirement path. One that will help you sort through your options and build a fulfilling retirement.


Djuna (joona)

It's about a lot more than saving your money and packing for a permanent vacation.


. It’s about:

  • Discovering what deeply matters to you
  • Setting your sights on a retirement that will make your heart sing
  • Developing a plan that will help you get there (Link to Making the most of Your Retirement)
  • Preparing yourself for a smooth transition from work to retirement and putting your plan into action


North Star Retirement Coaching (link to contact us page) can help you create your own fulfilling and satisfying retirement.

Getting the Most out of Your Retirement

Find yourself in retirement

There are many different ways to find yourself in retirement (a layoff, a buyout, careful planning, family responsibilities, or health challenges). But no matter how you get there, this stage of life offers incredible opportunities, starting with about 2,000 free hours a year. Not to mention how you might want to use your decades of valuable skills and experience.


With so much to choose from, how do you decide? And it isn’t just about staying busy – it’s about setting your overall direction and sorting out the options along the way.


Consider the questions that retirement may eventually pose:

  • What do I say at parties, when people ask me “what do you do?”
  • If retirement is supposed to be one long vacation, why do I feel a bit restless and at loose ends?
  • I’m busier than when I used to work
    full-time – so why don’t I feel more satisfied?
  • What does it say about me that I feel a bit lost around what to do with myself?
  • With all this time on my hands, how do I know that I’m doing the right things?

I’ve been successfully helping people through organizational changes for 35 years in management consulting.  Long before I hit 55, I knew that I’d have a challenge replacing work when I retired because I enjoyed the social and intellectual aspects of it so much.


Djuna Penn, Certified Retirement Coach

North Star Retirement Coaching

Charting Your Own Path

make this the most fulfilling stage of your life



Get in Touch

There are a lot of options to kick-start your retirement journey. You could start by:


  • Taking my online course (launch coming soon)
  • Joining a group of people being coached together (openings for the next group will be announced soon)
  • Working one-on-one to shine a light on what’s important to you and put together a personalized holistic retirement plan


It’s all about what works for you.  If you have questions or would like to chat, send me your contact information using the form below so we can set up some time.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!




Djuna Penn, Certified Retirement Coach

North Star Retirement Coaching

Charting Your Own Path

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